Sunday, 25 March 2018

First Day of Summer

I have been working in the town of Aberdour, Fife for a number of months now.
Aberdour is blessed with a resident population of noisy inquisitive jackdaws, that bark their salutations to each other all day while their wings whirrr and stir the air.
There is a small but growing murmuration of starlings and a few robust rookeries. The jackdaws and ravens have been very busy the last few weeks prising clumps of moss from the ground and going on long forays for suitable twigs and sticks. I have loved catching them, particularly at the end of a hard day as they languidly fly over me bearing their carefully selected building materials.


  1. Aberdour is a beautiful city! and the crows vout have inspired well

  2. Spring has definitely come. The collared doves that visit me every day are so in love, it's so nice to see.