Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Daisy Mrázková I

Daisy Mrázková (1923-2016) lived in Prague and was an artist and printmaker married to the painter Jiří Mrázk, they had three children together a daughter and two sons.  Daisy was a member of the Czech artists´ forum Umělecká Beseda with its independent U12 group. Her work is bold and abstract, reminiscent of wild landscapes often using monotypes as a basis.

In the 1950's Daisy turned her attention to creating children's books, where she created imaginary worlds of kindness and cooperation between people, animals and toys. Her children's books were mainly published in Japan. These images are from the book Neplač, muchomůrko published in 1969


  1. suggestive and oniric, splendid

  2. I lóve the colour palette ..seems typical for a lot of czech illustrators, or is it a 60,70's thing?

    1. I think it is an era thing, a colour palette of a decade or two for painters and illustrators.