Saturday, 24 February 2018

Seiichi Horiuchi

Seiichi Horiuchi's (1932-1987) illustrations for Groompa's kindergarten" by Minami Nishiuchi, a sad story of an elephant trying to fit in , eventually he finds acceptance in a children's nursery. 
Seiichi Horiuchi was born in Tokyo, Mukushima in 1932. where he joined his father's graphic business. In 1955 Adcenter was founded and Seiichi was responsible for editorial design nd advertisements. His first picture book "Kurouma Blanky" was published in 1985, he went on to write and illustrate over 100 children's books.  He also worked on the publication of; Anan, Popey and Brutus. For the last seven years he lived in Paris with his family.

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