Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Mai Miturich I

Illustrations by Mai Miturich (1925-2008) for the book, 'Forest Homes' written by Vitaly Bianki (1894-1959) for 'Forest Homes' published in 1979.

Mai Miturich (what a gentle looking soul!) was born to a family of artists in Moscow 1925. His
mother was Khlebnikova Vera Vladimirovna (1891-1941) a painter and sister of the famous poet Velimir Khlebnikov. His father was Miturich Peter Vasilyevich (1887-1956) also a painter and draftsman. Mai Miturich has incredible brush work and because of this quality often resembles Japanese paintings. 
The illustrations for 'Forest Homes' are beautifully observed nature studies. As I research further into children's books of the mid twentieth century I am struck how much more engaged with nature they are and how they are in turn enhancing children's love and understanding of the natural world.

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