Monday, 29 January 2018

Sketchbook Project II

Sketchbooks, I find daunting and so it is odd that on receipt of my new 'Sketchbook Project'  sketchbook (my first in five years) I immediately deconstructed it and cut holes through it, to apply magnifying glasses. 

I had an idea, of course of what I was going to do and I have yet to see whether it is going to work. 

Anyway the theme I have chosen from those given is 'Underwater' as I love the work of Sally Warring's 'Pondlife, Pondlife' who gives us a glimpse into the other worlds/ Universes hidden in drops of water.

My sketchbook pages are now everywhere, all is chaos, but it is nice to not have page one, white and frightening, inviting you to ruin it. Insead I have printed all and more pages and I am working on the different surfaces to, at some point, reassemble into an order that I like and post back to Brooklyn. 
The great thing about this project is it invites you to step out of your comfort zone and focus on something, anything you choose, and in my case if I can allow myself the time to wonder at these incredible miniscule creatures, life is very good. 


  1. It's very interesting and the result is beautiful !:)

  2. amazing result with these drops

  3. Gorgeous and delightful to look a small universe within a universe. Sort of reminds me of Professor Alan Lictmann and his writings about universe's we tend not to view. He was in a discussion with another scientist who reputed such a view, more Darwinian than Lichtmann. You have a lovely insight and drawings touch one to nature. Annette Keith