Saturday, 25 November 2017

Kjell Ringi IV

As you probably realise from the last few weeks posts, I am involved in researching vintage children's books. 
One of the major discoveries of the last few weeks has been the work of Swedish artist Kjell Ringi. My research has lead to a flurry of purchases as well, and I just took delivery of; 'My Father and I' written by Adelaide Holl and illustrated by Kjell Ringi and it has blown me away with its wonderful psychedelic, intensely vibrant illustrations and metallic detailing. 

The story is about a boy walking with his father, imagining different fantastic things his father could do, but in the end being happy that his father has time to spend walking with him and holding his hand. 
As in 'The Magic Stick' Kjell has married the monochromatic linear drawings of reality with blasts of dynamic colour in the child's imagined scenarios.

Next spring 'The Stranger'  by Kjell Ringi is going to be re-published by Bruaá editora

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