Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Maria J de Telleria I

My life is full of birds at the moment and so are these lyrical and sublime illustrations featuring birds by Maria J de Telleria.

I have a tailless black bird who looks through the window, to see when I am up, and gives me a meaningful stare until I fetch him a hand full of raisins which he then crams into his sunshine yellow beak and flies off to feed his chicks. 
The seagull raps with increasing urgency on the skylight for food, as his chicks swell up and look like roof top penguins, grey and downy, plodding around on the precipice of fledging. 
This morning I was awoken at the other side of the house by the rasp of magpies and looked down at my cherry tree to see the chicks, wings out, fluttering demanding to be fed, and I am in love with them all. 

 Maria J de Telleria is an Argentinian illustrator who tells stories often with a moment of line, capturing expression, intent and fun in an instant, beautiful work.

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