Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Theresa Moerman

Ghost Light by Theresa Moerman at The Hidden Door Festival.
"A popular theatrical superstition holds that a light left on in an unoccupied theatre provides the opportunity for its ghosts to perform.
The artist has been inspired by her own stage fright as a parallel to Leith Theatre's uncanny history of laying dormant, first due to the damage inflicted by a parachute bomb in 1941 and then after the venue was closed down again in the 1980s. 
In a site specific installation confined to the derelict female dressing room, the artist sheds new light on found materials associated with her own and the theatre's past to reanimate the silent space." Theresa Moeman

Theresa is a multi-disciplinary film, photography artist, folklore and memory are reoccurring themes in her work

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  1. Very nice aerial installation, the effect of mirrors is very interesting