Friday, 23 June 2017

Lucy Sparrow I

After Alex Weir's cafe, it seems right to introduce you to Lucy Sparrow's felted convenience store. Where every single item has been created from felt. Lucy has already made a newsagents, sex shop, corner shops and this summer a convenience store in Manhattan, to say I love these crazy shops and their products is an understatement, this is the art of making smiles.
"Felt is a fabric that is synonymous with primary school, it often comes in very basic, bright colours and with a material like that you can approach subjects that might be more taboo and make them palatable and funny." Lucy Sparrow

“I want the work to make people think about the loss of community spaces when these small corner shops disappear,” said Sparrow. “To remind them how valuable these corner shops really are and the colour they bring to our lives.”

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