Sunday, 11 June 2017

Amy Crawford

Amy Crawford's work was inspired by working with people with dementia. The laser etchings were incredibly beautiful and glowing with light. These panels interacted beautifully with the quotes on the walls, each other and the people viewing the exhibition. This layering of surface, word and environment was a visual poetry and perfect for the delicacy of human memory that it was representing.
“I Used To Be Like You A Long Time Ago” Mrs I, Dementia Sufferer 2016
"My work explores different aspects of the human condition - I aim to take these intangible concepts and transform them into accessible images through photographic manipulation and modern techniques. Using pressed flowers from the University of Dundee Herbarium Collection I have created laser etchings inspired by Dr Aloysius Alzheimer’s initial illustrations of dementia. I drew parallels between these collections and the disease, both trapped in a moment in time. Altered yet still beautiful." Amy Crawford.

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