Monday, 8 May 2017

Sarvenaz Parish I

Every year at Bologna Children's Book Fair brings surprise and delight, for me often on the stands and displays of the Iranian publishers whose books for children exhibit such love, fun and adventure.
Exactly what children's books should be not market driven formulaic blandness.
This book and  illustrations by Sarvenaz Parish are deliciously crazy with their main character being a sticking plaster, 'The Three dotted Worm'.The worm seeks everyone's approval and achieves phenomenal acts of bravery throughout the book; putting out fires and building tunnels and towers. This book was published by Kanoon parvaresh fekri 2012.


  1. I like this misappropriation of objects!

  2. this is so inventive and sweet! translation c/o my mom Zoe:

    In order to become a famous athlete, he climbed the highest mountain he knew. All the flies gathered to cheer him, "bravo, worm... Bravo worm..."
    He had forgotten the smell of soil. The same soil where... the worm, pushed a plant to grow...

    1. Oh! Thank you lovely to get a translation x