Friday, 3 March 2017

Yusuke Asai I

One of the most inspiring artists I have seen and heard for a long time.
Yusuke Asai paints using the pigments in the earth around him creating a subtle and varied pallet from the soil. Yusuke studied ceramics at high school but could not afford to go on to University and so taught himself by studying folk art and visiting museums and zoological parks. His images evolve spontaneously and almost biologically as he starts with small things that eventually turn into the bigger picture. Through his beautiful work, he hopes that people will reconnect with the earth they live on.

 'I choose to use the earth as a medium because I can find dirt anywhere in the world and do not need special materials. Dirt is by nature very different than materials sold in art stores! Seeds grow in it and it is home to many insects and microorganisms. It is a “living” medium.' Yusuke Asai

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