Monday, 21 November 2016

Scribbles and Witches

Every so often you hit a block, the last few weeks was a block for me, so I found myself scribbling, angry scribbling because of drawing block and angry scribbling because of 'news sickness'. The scribbles became fires and then witches were added. 

Witches at first seemed an unfair inclusion, however now several witches have appeared on my desk, maybe they are not so inappropriate. They are from a different age of stupidity, and we now seem to be entering another one as around the world people's rights are eroded and it seems women in particular. are losing theirs.
I once did a paper on witches and I find the stories of the witch hunts both horrific but also incredible, for example, I know that one lady was burnt by the King's men at the River Severn for surfing the Severn Bore before surfing was a known thing. While an incredible 97% of the female population of Edinburgh's Royal Mile was wiped out during the worst of the witch hunts, who were the remaining 3% were they babies? or just women particularly adept at pointing fingers at other potential victims of this barbarity?