Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Polina Doroshenko I

 "My creative work for assistantship exhibition was a project "Herbarium". It is art-book about my family. It all started when during the last summer I found great-grandfather's notebook. I have never seen my great-grandfather. So I read there many interesting, unusual and sometimes funny notes. I carefully questioned my grandma about everything. Project "Herbarium" based on these stories. I called it Herbarium because everything described in the notebook is like memories which dried between pages. For me it is associated with herbarium of dried plants that were once alive. I am still working on all images." Polina Doroshenko

This project is stunningly beautiful, touching and funny, a lovely way to explore you family and delve into the past. Polina has a subtle eye and hand, delicately assembling her images into a beautiful portrait of her family melding old and new in a perfect synergy of documentation, imagination and family memory.

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