Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Martijn Van Der Linden

'Alle Vissen Vonden Olifant' written by Henk van Straaten and illustrated by Martijn Van Der Linden, a story with a steadfast elephant swimming in the ocean and beguiling its creatures.

This lovely elephant was originally made using a hand print.
"the idea of ​​printing real skin was good! I made a copy of my own finger and saw immediately that this is the way it was. Arose beautiful lines, kind of like an elephant without legs and trunk. But very small. I did not know how big the elephant in the book had to be exact, but I ran quite a risk if I could make it without consulting a dwarf elephant from.It was bigger. I pushed my hand on the ink pad and made a print. There he was! My elephant! And exactly the right size!" Martijn Van Der Linden