Friday, 22 July 2016

Pietro Proserpio

It is difficult to convey the magical creations of Pietro Proserpio in pictures as you need to see his inventions and experience their sound and motion. We met Pietro at his studio fittingly within the old mechanics of a printing press in the heights of the beautiful book shop of  Ler Devagar at the LX Factory complex, Lisbon.

Pietro Proserpio was born in Saronno, Italy but moved to Lisbon with his family in 1949. During his working life he worked with the machinery of textile mills, he has always had a close affinity with machines. Now his machines are dreams and stories of wonder to which he will generously introduce to you.
" Having made many toys for myself, and later to my daughters and grandchildren, I decided to give free rein to my imagination and I began building cinematic objects which I now present. Besides being objects that have motion, these toys also have stories as if they were mini movies.
The first pieces were presented in Jardim da Estrela, and sponsored by the Kraft and Design Fair, around the year 2008. I was told there by my friend Michel Rubaix, the renowned professor of Pattaya and magnificent accordionist with a personal space in the cultural center Fábrica Braço de Prata, to join him.
He invited me to present my pieces there. Later on, we moved to LX Factory, to this space here, at Ler Devagar. That’s where I am now." 
Pietro Proserpio