Friday, 24 June 2016

Shaving Foam Marbling

I started shaving foam marbling/ printing last year with my students. It is a sensory overload as you are assaulted with the potent pong of aftershave, your hands get covered in foam and paint and the colour is vivid and wonderful.
It is fun, you get great results but it can get very messy.


A tray with a lip of 1-2cm
Shaving foam
ready mixed paints of various colours
a stick (for swirling)
lots of paper
a pallet knife

Cover your tray in shaving foam.
Smooth with pallet knife
Drip or splatter paint over the surface.
draw swirly pattern through this and print onto paper by gently pressing the paper onto surface of the foam.
Then use your pallet knife to scrape excess foam/ paint from the paper and leave to dry.

Excess foam can be returned to the tray, smooth it off and repeat the process until the foam is too brown or flat to continue.
The resulting papers can be used for collage, decoupage, book binding, or as I use them as a method of tapping into the imagination by getting the creator to look into the pattern and pull out things that they can see there.