Sunday, 5 June 2016

Ruoyan Wang

I am jumping around at the moment, there seems to be so much going on and I have seen so many amazing things this year. Today I am sharing jewelry and it has been a long time since I featured any on the art room but this jewelry by Ruoyan Wang, is different, it is like sculpture and poetry. It makes you wonder and it makes you think about the every day that you surround yourself with, the daily routine and objects that you use.
There were glasses that don't let you see, but cushion the eyes in blue fluff and shield them in silver and seed pearls and a hand pocket lined again with softness and shaped like fingers, elegant, thoughtful beauty.

My works often combine precious metal and mixed media with different materials utilized to help build specific atmosphere of a jewellery piece and to interpret the emotion embedded within the design. I seek inspiration from subtle feelings and details of daily life, talks through the language of jewellery and tries to evoke contemplative thinking about human, feelings and life. Rouyan Wang