Sunday, 19 June 2016

David Faithfull

I was working in St Andrews yesterday and on my way back down through Fife stopped at Cupar to get a glimpse of the annual arts festival. Above are two of David Faithfull's paste ups found in the town and below some of his work from Cuper county buildings where there were further large scale paste up images and a beautiful book. David Faithfull is an Edinburgh based printmaker, bookbinder and currator.

'In response to the festival’s theme of ‘liminal’, a tipping point or transitional stage, David Faithfull’s paste-up drawings at various outdoor sites across the town reflect the perilous future of a number of endangered birds. Those include the dotterel, native to the Cairngorms and one of several birds on the UK’s endangered species list. The effects of global warming have altered its mountain habitat and forced it to move higher up the slopes, prompting David to reflect that eventually it may leave for the final time, never to visit Scottish slopes again. Employing various alchemical symbols and references to historical and mythical birds, David’s work considers this contemporary ecological transformation.' CAF

Many of David's images for this festival have drips pouring from them, like they are being washed away, dissolving, melting before our eyes .