Saturday, 9 April 2016

Mirjana Farkas

I was fortunate to go to a discussion at BOrgo22 on Monday evening where a very special book called Family was being introduced. This book has been a three-way collaboration between illustrator Mirjana Farkas, Marco Carsetti (ELSE EDITIONS) and Sara Honegger (ASNADA).

This book tells the real stories of families who survive and resist from across the world including; Italy, Peru, Afghanistan, Morocco, Mali, Ethiopia, Iran, Somalia, Albania, Ukraine, Moldova, Niger.
In an age where the family is reconstructed in different forms, people around the world through this project have drawn a contemporary portrait of the modern family, alive and passionate. With stories of bonds, of strong emotions and pain, secrets and lies, of closeness and friendship.
These stories give us intimate portraits of family relationships that survive the game of chance and fate that life offers, including  dictatorships, civil wars, revolutions, economic crises and identity.
500 copies of the book were handmade and have received great acclaim.
The illustrations by Mirjana Farkas are stunningly bold and striking particularly in  their use of colour.