Thursday, 28 April 2016

Filip Pošivač

'Up to his Ears in Moss' is the new book by Bára Valecká illustrated by artist filmmaker Filip Pošivač has the surreal characterisation of Tove Jansen's Moomins, but with a very contemporary style, splicing different mediums and textures together in busy chaos.


  1. nice technique: I love these illustrations

  2. Do you have a translation of this book? Because I have it and I bought it even if it was in Czech. I can't understand it but I love the illustration so much. I would appreciate it if you could help me read it.

  3. Hello Abi
    I don't have a this book but would love it, and I do have a Czech friend so I may get it, get her to translate it and then share it with you. Strangely I was revisiting Filip's portfolio this weekend! He seems to be working mainly on animations now.