Sunday, 3 April 2016

Bifido I

I stumbled upon this poster 'paste-up' graffiti at the back of Mambo, Bologna today in Via Azzo Gardino. The snail picture above was from today, the images below are from its installation last November. It is by graffiti artist Bifido, I love the different scale used and the children, so rare to see children represented in art or graffiti. This is a piece by Bifido who has just created a mural at Forest Gate  station in London.

"My subjects are almost exclusively children and the images that compose concern things that happen in the world or socially significant attitudes not directly linked to childhood. This choice is not random: the child, like the animal, representing the other, that which can never be totally absorbed because it escapes the codifications. A child, as "obedient" keeps in itself something elusive, not yet decided, which lingers on the threshold as possible. The humanity of my jobs is sad, is problematic but retains the possibility that things are different. At the bottom of my message is a simple but difficult to accept: that happens is not granted and each has within it the creative power of a child at play." Bifido