Monday, 25 April 2016

Alžběta Skálová I

A tiny tulip turbaned man, eating gherkins seems like the perfect way to start a new working week. These are the illustrations of  Alžběta Skálová a Czech artist whose books I discovered in Bologna. These are some tulip men from Rostlinois
"Strange Truths and Fables of the Green World
This book gives answers to all the curious children, who are not satisfied with simple explanation and often ask their parents: why? Why do ants live on the acacia, why does the nettle sting? Do flowers need to have roots in the ground? Which flower was the first in the world, who managed to cultivate the first tangerine without pits, and is it true that the most expensive coffee in the world is pooped out by the civet? It is also a book which can be used by teachers, when their pupils are bored in the Biology class: the nature is full of small adventures and exciting stories, riddles and unbelievable mysteries. It is also a family book: for little children there is a riddle or a rhyme, the bigger ones will read a story with a happy ending. And the adults? They will be surprised there were so many things they did not know."