Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Catherine Lindow I

I attended the Picture Hooks workshop of Catherine Lindow  and Natalie Russell before Christmas and couldn't share it then, as I was involved in sharing a collection of Christmas images that I had been gathering all year.
My delay does not represent the impact of this workshop. Catherine's work is phenomenally refined and complex and has an ethereal beauty that does not translate fully on the web and into photographs. It was an honour to be able to physically see and get immersed in the physical pictures.

Catherine Lindow lives in the next village to me and I was very interested to see her work and meet her.
She did not disappoint, especially as her first words to me were; "there is a squirrel in the maze". This sounds odd, but the National Gallery of Scotland is next to Princes Street Gardens which at the time was full of 'Winter Wonderland' including a Christmas tree maze. The squirrel was taking full advantage of this new forestation. What I liked about this exchange was it is usually me saying and pointing out odd things to strangers and I could see that Catherine had the same joyful eye for magic.
Below are some pictures from her sketchbooks full of lively lines and observation.