Sunday, 15 November 2015

Picture Hooks

Above: images from Tracey Smith's 'Beauty and the Beast' created for for the Waterstones ‘Picture This’ competition. 
Below: sketches in her sketchbook of beasts.

For months now I have been in happy anticipation of the winter program of Picture Hooks at the Scottish National Gallery and today was the first event hosted by illustrator Tracey Smith with author Vivian French.
Picture Hooks is a mentoring programme which pairs up established illustrators with recent graduates and it is in it's second year.

It is always fascinating and insightful to see the working processes of children's book authors and illustrators and learn various tricks and tips for inspiring, creative working practice. 
Today its was great to see Tracey's sketch books, dummy books and prints and benefit from Vivian's years of expertise and experience in the world of children's books.