Thursday, 3 September 2015

Françoise de Felice

The paintings of Françoise de Felice manage to be very classical in composition, content and aesthetic. Whilst also being true to their time because of the way Françoise applies the paint in layers, so they appear eroded like advertising hoardings and graffiti.
I woke up thinking of 'our time' and how it appears in art and craft and my thought was this; that so much of it is fractured broken and reassembled. In my mind this is because we are living life so fast that we are snatching at things, not having time to contemplate the whole. Also we are so saturated in current affairs history and information, that sometimes your mind is like a constantly changing TV screen, your eye is not allowed time to be quiet and contemplate.
Françoise de Felice in her paintings captures the allusiveness of time, its mirage, her paintings seeming to blend eras and sensibilities. So that they look like they have ghosts of past paintings trapped in the canvas.