Thursday, 30 July 2015

Show and tell I

I am away from home and have been for a couple of weeks which means my internet has been intermittent. I have been trying to keep up with daily blog posts but have been unable to spend time pursuing as much research as I normally do.
This morning I found myself looking at Illustration Friday to see what this weeks theme was, it was 'nature' but it is Friday in about 15 mins  . . .  I have started my piece and I will finish it first thing on Friday but by then it's the next theme.
So here(above) is a tiny detail from 'Show and tell' for the theme of Nature. I will share the completed one on Friday.
Below was my initial sketch for this theme which was less optimistic, an old mother nature with a very diminished wildlife.


  1. I think your animal illustrations are wonderful! Heartwarming!

  2. love the top one.... so warm and cute!