Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Theatre on the beach; personal, absorbing and self contained interaction with a story, soundscape and installation that is immersive and engaging; made even more magical by the simultaneous interaction with the elements and environment.

Drift is a drama piece created by Symon MacIntyre of Vision Mechanics, in collaboration with a talented team of historians, writers and designers and Nordland Visual Theatre.

Drift transports you, with the narrative and song of Gerda Stevenson, through history to learn the story of, 61 year old Shetlander Betty Mouat who was stranded at sea for 9 days in 1886, with only a quart of milk and two biscuits to sustain her, in what must have been a terrifying ordeal.
Betty was eventually discovered when the boat she was traveling in; 'The Columbine', grounded on Lepsoy in Norway. She returned to her home on Shetland where she lived until she was 93.

               Betty Mouat outside her croft on Shetland 

Drift is touring to Nairn Beach, near the harbour, 3-5 July, Skaw Beach (UK’s most northerly beach), Unst, Shetland Isles, 10-13 July, St Cyrus Bay, near Arbroath, 23-26 July and then is moving on to tour in Norway next summer.