Saturday, 4 July 2015

Didi Jellema I

Didi Jellema has just graduated from Gray's Art School Aberdoon in Painting. Didi's sketchbooks were phenomenal, rich with media; thought and gatherings of sights and atmospheres, everything you dream of a sketchbook being.
"To live in diaspora is to be haunted by histories that sit uncomfortably out of joint, ambivalently ahead of their time and yet behind it too. It is to feel a small tingle on the skin at the back of your neck and know that something is not quite right about where you are now, but to also know that you cannot leave. To be unhomed is a process. To be unhomely is a state of diasporic consciousness." Lily Cho, To Turn To Diaspora, 2007

"I inhabit a place of diaspora, a place that is an in-between. Akin to being adrift at sea, I am adrift between homelands, countries and nationalities. My paintings are a woven mass of childhood memories, of voicing myself in two languages, of sailing between two countries."  Didi Jellema