Thursday, 11 June 2015

Gerad Chung I

"The wolf to me is a symbol of untamable wilderness, and it is a symbol of our inability to co-exist with predators.On the one hand this piece represents the metaphorical death of our relationship with nature, and on the other hand I am wanting to draw attention to the literal death of a species that I believe was the fundamental shift in our relationship with nature. When we eliminated the wolf from Britain we broke the ecosystem. an ecosystem that so many native of animal and plant have evolved to survive in, and when that broke, balance was lost and over time it has lead us to the situation we find ourselves in today where so many species of flora and fauna are in decline due to loss of habitat . . ." Gerad Chung

Gerad Chung's degree show had two symbiotic parts these wolf paws made with ceramics and an installation that I will share tomorrow.