Wednesday, 24 June 2015

David Stobart

David Stobart's degree show featured painted words on plastic covered stretcher frames which gave them a uniquely oily surface and a very different feel.
David Stobart works frequently with text, often using lyrics as his main source material.
The words appear as recognisable marks of language but are abstracted from reading material as very few complete words are legible.
“I produce visual art objects that encompass components of performance; song and painting in conjunction with ideas of a song-writing practice. The outcomes of my practice are paintings, photographs, sound installation, video, books and live events. Within the music spectrum I occupy the role of the writer of lyrics and singer of words. Consequently a practitioner of semantic satiation, and the loss of meaning to a word, encountered through repetition. Equally, this is true of the painting style I developed as my primary and now secondary outfit for this vein of work. Exploring a lyrics function and recognized letterform within a song. Focusing on the words similar visual performance on canvas to the audible harmony of a word when sung, in both instances seduction of an audience is prioritized.” David Stobart