Monday, 18 May 2015

Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee and a Worm

Often requests come in for Kite making instructions following my Easter Kites of 2012.
This weekend has been blustery and I have had family staying, so before our walk we made kites.

Here are the instructions 

1. Lay out your paper for the main body of the kite I use a snake kite pattern that you can adapt and make into anything.2. Bend your bamboo into an arch shape and masking tape onto your paper (with little pieces of tape, this is temporary).

3 Make a cross of two pieces of bamboo top to bottom side to side within the curve of the arch and put a further piece across the bottom.

4. Cut the paper with about a 2cm border around the arch (enough to fold over the bamboo) and under the bottom.

5. Cut little snips in the edge of this edge towards the bamboo so that you can smoothly fold it over the bamboo.

6. Fold and glue these over the curved edge of the bamboo arch and fold over the bottom edge.

Place and glue a rectangle of paper over the cross in the center.

7. When this is dry you make a stirrup a small length of your string or wool that you tie above and below the rectangle.

8. Decorate as you like (they do work better with a tail of some sort).

9. Make a cardboard reel to wrap your string wool around and tie onto the stirrup string at an angle as illustrated in picture (7).