Thursday, 2 April 2015

Steven Guarnaccia

"I am not comfortable around tools. I am always afraid they will jump up and attack me" Steven Guarnaccia

This morning I attended a talk by Steven Guarnaccia where he discussed his new exhibition 'Fatherland' sharing his sudden preoccupation with male accoutrements and tools.
This evening I had the pleasure of seeing this exhibition and it's larger than life creator.  I delighted that at this exhibition about a father, the first thing I saw was a mother feeding her baby, I loved this incongruous juxtaposition and wonderful combination of visions.

This was an exhibition of losing, finding and remembered through the paraphernalia of a generation of men all but gone, those men of pipes, discipline and male distance.
Steven saw these functional collections and belongings as something else, a connection with his father.

". . . these are not objects of function for me they're function is memory, they are my father." Steven Guarnaccia

The exhibition has great warmth, humour and love. It made me laugh out loud on many occasions.
It was also a great pleasure to put faces to friends known only by their work Donatella Crippa, Sara Cimarosti (Violetta Testacalda) and Beatrice Alemagna XXX