Monday, 6 April 2015

Inkyung Noh

What is often difficult at Bologna is that Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese illustrators names are indecipherable and often not translated. Even when they are translated, it is rare that you will be able to find an Internet presence. So this means that there are great talents with unique illustrations that I am unable to share.
Thankfully Inkyung Noh's Mr Tutti, was in a special catalogue by KPIPA and KBBY to promote Korean picture books around the world; 'Korean picture books that bring us comfort'.
Mr Tutti is a story about an elephant trying to take water home to his family 100 drops in total, and the story of those drops of water on the journey home, it is a beautiful story with simple evocative illustrations.


  1. merci pour ces illustrations pleines de charme

  2. I just found her book on Amazon. It's published in Spanish as well as in French..thanks for posting and sharing these wonderful illustrators / illustrations!!

  3. Un monde magique, une imagination poétique...c'est superbe !