Saturday, 14 February 2015

What is love? by Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith and I once shared a house, 'before I was an artist' as Jenny said, but she always was an artist and a big character with a flair for interior design and a clever eye.
'What is love?' is a new work that is part of the VAS exhibition at the Royal Academy, Edinburgh which I have been featuring since last week. For 'what is love' Jenny asked people to submit hand written answers to this question and then randomly selected 21 answers to create this limited edition cut out screenprint.


  1. Wow cool....the work ...& the fact you shared a house...

  2. Thank you for all these pictures you've featured from the VAS exhibition. Inspired by what you showed, I visited the exhibition last week - and was blown away by it all! So much fascinating and brilliant work - and what an amazing space! I could have spent all day there because there was so much to see - and so many different skills and techniques featured. Just a wonderful exhibition - I'm hoping I might get up to Edinburgh again to see it before it closes (I live in Berwick-upon-Tweed),
    My only criticism is that I really wanted to handle a lot of the exhibits. They yearned to be felt and stroked. There was so much texture - and you couldn't really appreciate that visually alone. I do understand why artists don't want there works to be dirtied or rearranged - but in some cases I don't think a small stroke would have mattered.

    1. Thank you Kaydeerouge

      I am really happy that these posts have inspired you to see the show.
      I was back there today as one of my pieces had come away in the frame and needed to be fixed, and it was great to get the chance to see the exhibition again. I have forwarded your comments to VAS and I think next year you may be even more inspired and even possibly allowed to handle some parts of the exhibition.

      Once I was told off for telling one of my blind students that he could touch an exhibit at an exhibition, in his case no damage could have possibly been caused, but this tactile interaction was forbidden.

      Best Wishes