Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Fiona Michie II

Fiona Michie's detailed pencil/ charcoal work reminds me of Pre-Raphaelite classics like Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais, women lost, abandoned or in dark sorrow, held by nature, in water or foliage. They do not make eye contact, indeed often you are staring with them away into the distance at seemingly broken dreams.
Fiona's work has a compelling melancholy, you want to find the answers to the stories she creates in her vast drawings, unlock their code and help the women locked in them.
“I create storytelling pictures of female figures in landscape settings, exploring the symbolic connection between nature, femininity and the supernatural. I work intuitively creating monochrome drawings of varying scales. Inspiration comes from my love of Gothic romanticism in art, film and literature. What they have in common is the intermingling of a supernatural event occurring within a familiar place. In my drawings I create a world reminiscent of this.” Fiona Michie 

The top image  'Inverleith' is being exhibited as part of the VAS 2015 annual exhibition at the Royal Academy on the Mound, Edinburgh until February 28th.