Friday, 9 January 2015

Cameron Robbins

Cameron Robbins invents drawing machines to transcribe unseen elements and events into poetic insightful drawings. 

“I see this method of working as drawings one step removed. It’s like a garden – to plant things and watch them grow.” Cameron Robbins

The Wind Drawing Machines are portable and were installed in different locations to receive weather energy and translate it into ink drawings on paper. The machines are designed to respond to wind speed and wind direction and produce a drawn interpretation.

“A fascination with natural dynamics began with an intensive period of surfing and sailing, Coupled with an enthusiasm for science experiments, astronomy and weather, these experiences have informed the development of the artwork. From the initial weather studies it was natural to extend into other dynamics like water, solar power, and human motion.The resulting tide/wind/wave drawings made an exciting abstract chronicle of events.” Cameron Robbins 

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