Thursday, 18 September 2014

Alexander Wilson

Today we take a dip into history with the sumptuous observational illustrations of Alexander Wilson a Scottish poet, ornithologist, and naturalist (1766 – 1813). 
Alexander Wilson was apprenticed as a weave,r but his Burns inspired poetry caused offence and after a particular piece of satire against the mill owner Wilson was sentenced to publicly burn his writing and was imprisoned. 
On his release Wilson emigrated to America with his nephew settling in Pennsylvania. Here he met the  famous naturalist William Bartram who encouraged him to follow love of ornithology and painting. During his 20 years in America, Wilson produced 8 volumes of illustrations documenting 268 species of the birds of North America.  Unfortunately Alexander Wilson died aged 47 before completing his intended 9 volumes. 

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  1. so gorgeous! Hazel, you continually astound me with your finds. I have learned so much over the years.