Friday, 1 August 2014

I hear a Hissssssssing in the grass ahead

This is a sketch from the notebooks of one of my favorite artists Mary Newcomb. 
I have chosen this work, because it perfectly captures where I am right now in that, in France I was 'honored' to see two snakes in the space of two days, a ladder back and a green grass snake both about a meter and a half long. I say honoured because I was deep in the forest, their environment and I was so happy to see them there, as I am deeply concerned about human encroachment on wildlife and wild spaces. 
I have not seen a snake in the wild for over 10 years (an adder in Norfolk) and though both were scary encounters, it was exhilarating to see them. Once they had confronted me they moved away very quickly, I was amazed at the speed especially of the ladder back.

Mary Newcomb I always associate with Norfolk which is where my parents live and where I lived in my teenage years absorbed with the animals of home and the environment. 
I am going home for a few days.

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