Monday, 25 August 2014

Beata Wehr III

Some examples from Beata Wehr's mixed media books. Beata lives now in America in Tucson in her books she explores her identity and journey through life.
Beata Wehr's books are rich in texture, found objects, stitch, paint and gathered thoughts and memories.

"I found artists’ books to be especially useful in talking about the issues of identity, immigration, and dislocation.  I like their intimate format, and the fact that many media could be combined on the pages, creating layers of images.  My books are usually bilingual, or semi-bilingual and I often mix images with writing, pieces of newspapers, found objects and other elements reflecting the everyday life in Tucson as well as my links to Poland.  I try to combine two different experiences from two different worlds in this “in between” situation.  I started to think that it is possible, although my native life, language, landscape, culture are so different then my life here in Tucson."
Beata Wehr


  1. and then I scrolled down and saw these! like a personal alphabet wow!

  2. Thank you for showing Beta Wehrs's work. She is not an artist that I have come across before, I love her paintings and her books, so simple (not the best word but couldn't find the word I needed) but so expressive.