Thursday, 14 August 2014

A King . . . Midas

Inspired by Manon Gauthier's response to the theme King on Illustration Friday I set myself the task of a Midas, I want him to have silver tears and I would like to work with this story more. 


  1. This is nice. Imagine a printed book with gold ink, foil, what-have-you, that gets more and more cumbersome as you turn those few pages where the horror of the king's affliction sinks in. Could this be your "house book?"

    1. Love the idea of the book getting heavier with gold as the story goes on - empathising with the King. It's a terrific tale isn't it? You've captured it in a beautifully gentle, whimsical and non judgemental way. Compassionate. Very lovely. Please make the book!

  2. C'est très inspirant. J'espère l'histoire et le livre, Hazel...