Saturday, 26 July 2014

Holiday, Shadows and Reflections

We have been away for two weeks now. Much of the first week we spent at a friends stunningly stylish house in Aubais. 
It is the first time I have been this far south in France and this time the light has really struck me. 
The shadows and also a little reflection can be miraculous. 
Before we moved to the second part of our holiday, I made some shadow puppets and a wall piece using cardboard packaging and taking advantage of the reflective metallic finish on some of the packaging. A little surprise and thank you to Deb's children who were so lovely as to let us use their rooms.


  1. Love these. They are so much fun. It looks as if it was a great vacation. Welcome back.

  2. Hazel, what is the best way to cut thin cardboard? Thick cardboard? Best way for the young? I've had recommendations lately from colleagues: cheap steak knives with duct tape over tip and handles; break hacksaw blades in half w duct tape over handles... and teach students to cut away from themselves...
    For adults, are there some special scissors that are good?
    thanks so much for your lovely blog...

    1. I always just use scissors and craft knives Melissa, sharp ones blunt ones cut you much worse. If working with people who cannot cut the card then I would cut it or some in advance.