Sunday, 8 June 2014

Matisse At the Tate Modern

(samples of hand coloured scraps)
(stage curtain design two dancers for the ballet Rouge et Nior 1938)

The sheer joy that you see in Matisse as he made these cut out works, rushes exuberantly from the work, filling the galleries of the Tate Modern not only with an eager excited audience but also with colour, love, passion and wonder. 
This is a truly inspiring exhibition bringing to the fore for me memories of recent papercut genius by Rob Ryan and the more historic story telling paper cuts of Hans Christian Andersen. It is an exuberant celebration of life creativity and art and is an exhibition not to be missed.


  1. Thanks for sharing - I didn't know about this exhibit. Love your blog - like Matisse, it's joyous!

  2. So jealous that you got to see this, wish I was on that side of the planet!!

    1. Sorry Kate, Wish someone would pull teleporters out of science fiction and into reality. :-D