Saturday, 24 May 2014

Glasgow School of Art

In a week when much of Scotland was abuzz with the new Reid Building for Glasgow School of Art designed by Steven Holl, having watched the fantastic documentary. Plus preparing ourselves for the upcoming annual showcase of talent at the degree show. It was with horror and disbelief that Scotland and much of the world watched as the iconic Rennie Mackintosh building was engulfed by flames
The damage was limited by very the rapid response and efforts of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service crew and is said to not be as bad as first anticipated.
I cannot imagine how it must have felt to have witnessed this horrific event.
Many would say it is only a building, but when a building is so iconic of a city and a creative vision, it is more than 'a building' it is a history, a culture, a dream and place that has a strong pull on many of our hearts. 
May it rise from the flames like a phoenix as quickly as possible. 


  1. Yes I watched the flames in shock and horror, I hope there was not too much damage and that the students work was not all lost.

  2. thank you for these links