Thursday, 17 April 2014

Nicola Dywer

I have wonderful students and I love working with them and seeing their creativity and work. 
Nicola Dywer was one of a great group of students who I finished teaching in February this year. 
Nicola cast her husbands head and then planned to make the head in glass. At times when this ambition looked like it couldn't be fulfilled we discussed using ice as an alternative. 
Nicola did manage to cast the head in glass, but she also cast it in many other materials including ice.
These are her coloured ice  heads photographed on the beach on a cold January morning and I am very excited and proud of Nicola because this work has been accepted as part of the V and A 'Inspired by' competition. Her work will be exhibited at the Morley Gallery, London  from the 20th of May to the 19th June with the other selected works.


  1. très beau résultat et bel effet

  2. What a wonderful world we have ... and artists are part of it making the magic work. Wonderful work, great teacher .... great student. Bravo ♥

  3. Very cool, and congratulations to Nicola!