Friday, 7 February 2014

Golucho (Miguel Angel May) I

Golucho is an incredible Spanish painter who has been painting since he was 12, he is now in his sixties and has exhibited across the world but still remains relatively unknown outside his native country. Golucho's work has a powerful realism that engages and captivates the viewer whilst creating empathy with the subjects depicted. 
He is a painter of humanity and the human soul.


  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful painting. I am happy to learn about Goluncho & enjoyed seeing his website.

  2. I´m spanish but I didn´t know this wonderful painter...He reminds me the work of another great spanish painter, Antonio Lopez, Thank you very much for sharing his painting.... Humanity is very neccesary in Spain, today.

    1. Humanity, empathy and love are disappearing from modern society very rapidly. The only way to fight their demise is to give and be true to all of these qualities. Spain is a wonderful country with warm passionate people. X