Monday, 13 January 2014

A 12 Foot Letter by Lorina Bulwer

Last night I was amazed and delighted to discover this work by Great Yarmouth woman Lorina Bulwer dated as 1900's, created when Lorina was incarcerated in the towns lunatic asylum.

I grew up rurally at Burgh Castle on the marshes outside Great Yarmouth, Norfolk  from the age of 11. 
So finding such an amazing piece of work, connected with this area, added to its potency for me. 
Also I have worked with people for many years who would be classified (if anyone was to classify people) as outsider artists. 
People, all people have a story to tell and art facilitates great story telling. 
This is a story, a wonderful 12 foot letter so incredible in its narrative, its fabrication, colours and yes its anger. It is a very powerful piece of work shouting from one century to the next.
Last year another letter surfaced through time this time it is a 14 foot letter, I cannot wait to see these amazing pieces of social history and incredible pieces of art.