Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Barbara Böttcher

Barbara Böttcher is working through a year of memories, taking family pictures as her inspiration and making collages, that are sometimes funny and often poignant and sad. There is a magic in her reworking, hand tinting collaging and reinterpretation of history as well as a great deal of determination and love. 
Of '365 ways of memories' we are on day two hundred and sixty seven, so there are ninety eight days of wonder to go.


  1. i'm a fan of Barbara's work, , she creates wonderful moods and atmospheres revealing stories behind (ordinary) shots, x

  2. Hi Hazel, I first wondered why the "wrong" collage is shown in my link-list and not the collage of yesterday and than I realized that its on your side! Thank you for featering me and I fear its 98 collages to go, so 10 more - yeah!
    I like your description!

    1. Ah Barbara my maths is not up to much at 6am :-D I have adjusted it XXX