Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tigers Don't Bite

I have been bad and bought myself more treats  . . . I do share them with you and Freya though, so it is not that bad!
All I can say after this my latest purchase is that Roger Duvoisin (as you know one of my favourite illustrators) drew beautiful tigers as well as Happy Lions. 
These illustrations are from Tigers Don't Bite 1956 written by Jack Tworkov and illustrated by Roger Duvoisin.


  1. Hazel, I was curious about the author of this book. I wondered, was it the same Jack Tworkov who with DeKooning helped found the "New York School" of Abstract-Expressionism (--including Arshile Gorky, Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock. And as chair of the Art Dept. at Yale mong the his students were Chuck Close, Jennifer Bartlett, Richard Serra, Nancy Graves, Rackstraw Downes, and Brice Marden. Amazing! And he was a life-long friend of Roger Duvoisin (who I like much more than Tworkov --but that's beside the point!). Thanks for posting. You could do Duvoisin 24/7 and this boy would be happy.

  2. Hazel I love how you appreciate all these wonderful illustrators. I love them too! Very interesting comment above.

  3. Ciao Hazel! On these days I was just thinking that if only I had 3% of Duvoisin's talent... then I'd be happy. He was quick and elegant, ironic and dynamic, playful and careful. A genius.
    Good weekend to you all!

  4. Love to you all.
    Thank you Rob. It is always interesting to try and work out these webs of friendship influence and connection. So difficult as well after the decades make these important relationships fainter in memory and record.