Thursday, 13 June 2013

Takao Nakagawa IV

Today is my last day working with students this year and it is going to be a big day for amongst all the course work a request came in months ago for a (big) mural in a primary school. 
Today our last day is our first chance to do this and so we are using it as a celebration day. 
The sun is out, the picnics and packed lunches are hopefully packed and my head is full of inspiration, mainly form one of my favourite artists Takao Nakagawa
Please wish us good luck and speedy paintbrushes.


  1. What a perfect commission for Summer. Looking forward to seeing the mural's progress (as I sit indoors, working on my computer, through an icy Winter)!
    PS. Love Takao Nakagawa. I could look at his work for hours. The pic you've featured is gorgeous – especially love the sun, and the Mexican wrestler!

  2. What a wonderful project. That request certainly ended up on the right desk! Best Wishes to you, your students, the pupils and staff at the school and all the viewers! A corner transformed! Mia S.